Mission Statement:

TAM strengthens our museum community.


Vision Statement:

TAM serves our museum community by nurturing and training museum leaders, developing

and celebrating the field, and voicing the public worth of museums.


Strategic Framework for TAM:


1)   Secure our Organizational Capacity

      a.  Develop and maintain staff leadership

           follow best practice in human resource management

           continue to use resource people in contract roles as appropriate

           review succession plan periodically


      b.  Develop and maintain Council leadership

           identify and nurture potential future leaders

           write current job descriptions for Council positions

           create board training for Council


      c.  Build TAM’s financial base

           improve Council’s fundraising and budgeting literacy

           write and initiate a board-driven development plan

           accomplish 100% Council giving beyond membership dues

           find new way to state TAM’s public value to increase appeal to funders


      d.  Update board governance practices and policies

           convene committee to review founding documents and recommend updates as needed

           convene committee to assure adequate coverage by current policies

           revisit Council election process to find ways to increase participation in Council elections


2)   Nurture and train museum leaders

      a.  Foster community, collaboration, networking among museum staff and volunteers

           strengthen Annual Meeting

           support Affinity Groups

           facilitate informal networking through regional workshops


      b.  Initiate and deliver training for trustees

           create informational training tool that museum directors can use with their boards of directors/trustees

           develop an annual event that provides in-person board training


      c.  Supply fresh online content and forum for exchange

           continue to seek funding for website update

           maximize use of Facebook and other social media

           initiate periodic online chats with members


      e.  Incite pioneering museum practices

           establish a mechanism for recognizing and celebrating innovative practice


       f.  Expand participation to be both deeper and broader

           review membership structure and benefits

           initiate a membership drive

           understand and analyze retention challenges


   g.  Explore interest in and need for a TAM assessment program

        form committee composed of Council representatives and general

        TAM members to investigate the potential interest in and need for a

        Texas-specific assessment program determine how best to format and operate an assessment program


3)   Voice the public worth of museums

      a.  Communicate changes in strategic environment

           increase substance of monthly newsletter

           take advantage of opportunities to learn from strategic leaders in diverse fields

           foster an opportunistic culture


      b.  Represent our museums within the field on the state, regional, and national levels

           maintain and increase credibility of Texas museums within the field on the state, regional, and national levels


      c.  Clarify, train, and build confidence for improved advocacy among our members

           develop a curriculum to empower TAM members to advocate effectively for themselves

           devise implementation plan for this advocacy curriculum


4)   Develop and celebrate the field

      a.  Partner with affiliated organizations

           collaborate with NASMA to strengthen all state museum associations

           work with like-minded entities for mutual benefit


      b.  Inspire resource sharing

           set an example for collaboration

           work through Affinity Groups to identify resource sharing opportunities


      c.  Enable museum professionals to reflect and recharge

           provide members with opportunities for time away

           create situations that encourage reflection and inspiration

           develop opportunities to enjoy camaraderie with colleagues


# # #

Approved by TAM Council 12-7-2012

Member response invited at TAM Business Meeting, Friday, April 5, 2013, 11:30 a.m.


Texas Association of Museums Strategic Framework

Strategic Framework EDITS PDF

Strategic Framework REVISED 2015 PDF

Strategic Framework 2013 PDF

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