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"Caring for the People Who Care for Collections"

The Collection Managers Committee (CMC) of the Texas Association of Museums is a dynamic alliance chartered in 1988 as an affinity group of the Texas Association of Museums. CMC is open to anyone in the non-profit sector or private sector who performs tasks related to the care and management of museum collections.

Whatever your position or level of expertise in the museum field, you can benefit personally as well as contribute to the profession by joining CMC. You are invited to submit articles or other materials to the newsletter, participate in the development of statewide workshops or organize a workshop at your institution.

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Do you have a new exhibit opening?  Did you finish that rehousing project (finally)?  Share what you and your institution has accomplished with fellow CMC and TAM members!  Send photos and detailed information to CMC Officer-At-Large for the CMC Newsletter Aubrey Nielsen to be included in the CMC quarterly newsletter and the TAM monthly newsletter.

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