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New to our Membership Program, TAM is honored to offer a fellowship program with the support of our Patrons and Institutional Members to subsidize Museums and Individuals in need seeking an annual membership.




Institutional Membership includes institutions of all sizes and focus located in the State of Texas and is based on full-time staff per campus. We had long used an organization’s operational budget to determine dues, but we know that that may not be the best method for calculating rates. The best part is that with this new approach every Institutional Member, yes EVERY Institutional Member, has unlimited designees that can create user accounts and receive benefits

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Business members enjoy a variety of benefits that help put them front and center with the Texas museum community.

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Business Plus member enjoy enhanced benefits with more visibility to members and increased access. 

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For students, we offer two new Academic Membership Levels that help TAM stay in better contact with learners at a time when they need the most support - after graduation and before full-time museum employment. 

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Individual membership has a variety of options and is designed for those who are interested in the museum field but do not have a membership through their museum or choose to support TAM through their own dues.

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  • Volunteer
  • New professional
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  • Retired Professional
  • Alumni
  • Patron

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