TAM is proud to offer the following scholarships for members to attend the Texas Association of Museums 2023 Annual Meeting. Providing scholarships is critical to TAM fulfilling our mission to strengthen Texas museums. Donate to the various scholarship funds today by clicking HERE.

The Glenda Morgan Scholarship Fund

For nearly 40 years the Glenda Morgan Scholarship Fund has been used to underwrite educational training costs for Texas museum professionals. Interested applicants must hold a current individual TAM membership to be eligible.

The Sage Scholarship

In honor of Sandy Sage's 15 years of service to TAM, we established a "complete package" registration scholarship to TAM Annual Meeting in her name. The Sage Scholarship is directed to established museum professionals with 15+ years in the field. Interested applicants must hold a current individual TAM membership to be eligible.

TAM Affinity Groups

Affinity Groups are small-group networks within TAM that bring members together around shared interests. Active Affinity Groups are offering scholarships to TAM 2024. For contacts, visit page at button below.

Learn More About Affinity Groups and Join Today

Collection Managers Committee (CMC)

(CMC) is offering one scholarship registration.

Historic Sites & Houses Affinity Group (HSHAG)

(HSHAG) is offering one scholarship registration.

TAM IDEA (Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, Access)

(Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, Access) is offering one scholarship registration.

Art Affinity Group (AAG)

(AAG) is offering one scholarship registration.

Texas Association of Museums Educators’ Committee (TAMEC)

(TAMEC) is offering one scholarship registration.

Museum Emerging Leaders of Texas (MELT)

(MELT) is offering one scholarship registration.

Marketing/PR & Media (M&M) 

(M&M) is offering one scholarship registration.

Please read below for additional and separate scholarship opportunities:

Austin Museum Partnership (AMP)

The Austin Museum Partnership (AMP) is partnering in offering scholarships to TAM 2023 in San Antonio, TX. If you are an AMP Member or your employer is a member of AMP, you are eligible to apply for this scholarship.  To apply, email AMP for the application (

Museum Association of Waco (MAW)

The Museum Association of Waco (MAW) offers one (1) scholarship for the registration fee including add-on events or workshops (up to $500) will be awarded for the January to June period. To qualify for the scholarship, the individual must be a staff member of an active MAW institutional member and have been at your current institution longer than 6 months. Additionally, the conference must take place within the months of January to June to be considered. 

Southeast Texas Museum Association (SETMA)

Southeast Texas Museum Association (SETMA) offers one (1) scholarship for the registration fee (up to $500) will be awarded. Must be a member of SETMA to apply. 


By applying, candidates are submitted for consideration to receive registration to TAM 2024. Recipients will be responsible for their travel, lodging, and incidental costs. Previous recipients are not eligible. Following the Annual Meeting, scholarship recipients will be asked to fulfill specific requests such as writing a blog about their experience or evaluating their sessions. Scholarships are made possible by the support through the listed Funds below. 

questions? email TAM