Jack Nokes Outstanding Service Award

TAM's Jack Nokes Outstanding Service Award was established to recognize significant contributions to
the museum field, service to TAM, and truly remarkable individuals. Presented each year at the Annual Meeting
of the Texas Association of Museums, this award is named in honor Jack Nokes, TAM Executive Director (1995 -2008).

Nomination Criteria
  • Nominees must be individuals. Group or multiple-person nominations will not be accepted.
  • Nominees must be nominated by a TAM institutional member.
  • Individuals may not self-nominate.
  • Nominees are eligible to win only once.
  • Nominees will be considered based on leadership, service to the Texas museum community, and contributions to the institution(s) that he or she serves (or served).
Submission Guidelines 

The nomination form must be completed online HERE and any supporting materials must be submitted to the
TAM office by February 26, 2021.

The narrative summary of the nominee's contribution may not exceed 250 words. Letters of support are welcome but not required.

The Jack Nokes Outstanding Service Award is presented each year at the TAM Annual Meeting. This year the TAM Annual Business Meeting is on Friday, April 16th, 1:30-3:00 pm CT.. The recipient will be notified in advance and invited to the meeting.


2020 - Judy Reeves
2019 - Henry Crawford
2018 - Lisa Rebori
2017 - Jack McKinney
2016 - Howard Taylor
2015 - David Lintz
2014 - Gary Smith
2013 - Houston McGaugh
2012 - Ellie Caston
2010 - Matthew White
2009 - Margaret Blagg
2008 - Jack Nokes