2022 Summer Exhibits Internship | Waco, TX

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Dr Pepper Museum and Free Enterprise Institute
2022 Summer Exhibits Internship

The Dr Pepper Museum and Free Enterprise Institute is seeking qualified individuals for
its 2022 Summer or Fall Exhibits Internship.

The internship will be for up to 400 hours of work and is flexible based on the needs of
your school program. There will be an associated stipend that is dependent on hours
completed, not to exceed $4000. Hours and stipend will be determined before the start
of the internship.

The intern will be a part of the Museum’s Exhibits Team and work with the Associate
Director on a special project based on the needs of the museum and the intern’s
requirements. The intern will also perform general exhibits duties as assigned. The
intern may also be required to attend board meetings, committee meetings, and
department meetings to gain a better understanding about how the museum functions.

          • Working towards completion of or recently completed a bachelor’s or master’s
            degree in museum studies, history, anthropology, or related field
          • Knowledge of museum collections practices
          • Excellent written communication skills
          • Strong organizational skills
          • Ability to work simultaneously on multiple, diverse tasks, seeking help when
          • Self-motivation to achieve goals and complete projects individually and with
          • Excellent interpersonal skills, including the ability to deal effectively with people
            of varying levels of experience and expertise

Do you need internship credit for your degree? Let us know. We are willing to work
with your degree program’s requirements and your class schedule.

Deadline for applications for summer positions is April 4, 2022. Applications are
reviewed on a rolling basis until positions are filled. To apply please send cover letter,
resume or CV, and 2 letters of reference to Joy Summar-Smith, Associate Director, at
joy@drpeppermuseum.com. Please email all questions.