Collections Manager | Dallas, TX

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Senior Collections Manager $50-55,000 based on experience

Associate Collections Manager $40-45,000 based on experience

Artemis Fine Art Services, a national leader in providing fine art and museum services is recruiting for an experienced Senior Collections Manager and Associate Collections Manager to join our team.

The Collections Managers will be part of a team that oversees all aspects of our Fine Art Storage, including inventory, monitoring of warehouse environment, condition reports, storage billing, and warehouse upkeep. The Collections Management department also collaborates on large scale installations, de-installations, and pack jobs.

Occasional travel by plane, van, or truck may be required, as well as extended work hours, including evenings and weekends during large-scale projects.

Duties to include, but not limited to:

   · Maintain warehouse storage inventory

   · Activate storage accounts for new clients

   · Generate digital records for all items arriving in storage

   · Generate inventory reports for clients

   · Perform range of condition reports (from cursory to museum-level) on new arrivals and outgoing items

   · Develop and implement regular inventory projects including regular audits

   · Coordinate on large projects with Operations, Art Handlers, and Projects teams

   · Generate reports for Accounting and Operations

   · Coordinate handling, packing, and movement of all items in storage

   · Maintain meticulous records of object movements and conditions

   · Maintain Warehouse in clean and orderly fashion

Minimum Requirements:

   · Bachelor's Degree in Museum Studies, Art History, Library Sciences, Fine Arts, or related field

   · Minimum two years of museum, fine art, collection management, registration, or gallery experience

   · A demonstrated ability to manage complex projects and coordinate multiple projects simultaneously

   · Comprehensive knowledge of art terms and best practices

   · Excellent time management, problem solving, organization, and analytical skills with attention to detail

   · Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal

   · Confidentiality, discretion, and flexibility required

   · While performing this job, the successful candidate will be required to sit, stand, and walk, occasionally lift up to 50 pounds, do close work with a computer monitor, and perform repetitive hand movements.

   · Must successfully pass a background check

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