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Fort Bend History Association

Job Description

Position Title: Director of Education, Programs Department

Facility: George Ranch Historical Park

Employment Status: Salaried with benefits (paid time off and medical benefits available)

Supervisor: Executive Director, Fort Bend History Association

Salary: $45,000/annually


The Director of Programs and Education leads the development and delivery of educational, historical, and community programs at the George Ranch Historical Park to pursue the Park’s vision that every local student and the community explore the historical park and are enriched by the experience. Major responsibilities will center on program design, leadership of day to day program delivery; establishment of effective partnerships with local organizations, primarily education-related, and collaboration with the Park Director and GRHP senior staff to ensure that program objectives are met. The Director of Programs and Education will report to the Park Site Director for program delivery, operations and planning.

Minimum Job Requirements: Bachelor’s degree or higher in Education, Museum Studies, History or related field. Experience in working with youth and adult audiences, speaking before a group, collecting and organizing data, managing and working with adult volunteers, and establishing effective working relationships with school organizations, creating and maintaining databases, communicating in various written formats including social media. Proven personnel management, budgetary compliance, and interpretive/educational strategic planning experience. Computer software skills (Microsoft Office).

Overall Objective: Develop and implement high quality programs at the George Ranch Historical Park to deliver a compelling educational experience to students and the community.

Job Duties: Provide leadership and direction for a staff of 10-15 living history interpreters and educators at the George Ranch Historical Park. Will work collaboratively with the Park Site Director and others throughout the Fort Bend History Association to achieve relevant strategic planning goals and implement educational programs, special events, policies and procedures to provide a positive guest experience and healthy work environment for staff.


1) Administration a) Partners with Executive Director and the Park Site Director to:

1. Set annual goals and objectives for educational and historical programs

2. Establish organizational guidelines and criteria to meet overall standards of excellence and authenticity relating to historical services and programs while taking into consideration the standards and essential knowledge criteria for education in Texas (TEKS).

3. Work in tandem with fund development to maximize fundraising opportunities through programming as they arise. Assist with grant writing, fundraising events, membership, and donor and sponsor cultivation.

b) Develops and implements written approved strategic plans for educational and historical programs – established relationships with partners in education and the museum/living history field will be essential

c) Coordinates and manages operational phases of auxiliary special projects related to educational and historical programs

d) Coordinates with Visitor Services, Sales & Special Events, and Marketing senior staff to achieve daily operational goals within the guidance of the Park Director

2) Management: a) Supervises, manages and evaluates subordinate staff (includes full-time and part-time staff) to successfully accomplish goals and objectives

b) Ensures budgetary compliance for departmental operating budget

c) Develops and maintains daily personnel and operational schedule

d) Develops and expands the Park's internship program to include recruiting, training, scheduling and supervising interns, as well as complying with interns' individual academic requirements.

3) Interpretation/Education: a) Works with a solid understanding of state and national standards in education to develop, maintain and oversee implementation of an annual educational/interpretive strategic plan.

b) In conjunction with Park Site Director, works towards cultivating partnerships with the community, especially peer institutions, and K-12 and collegiate educators to ensure the Park’s educational offerings meet the needs of the schools in Fort Bend County.

c) Establishes goals, standards and programmatic content for education; including exhibits, programs and special events. Collaborate with Association-wide team in exhibit development to create innovative and diverse exhibits that will engage existing and new audiences. Support exhibits by creating supplemental activities and programs.

d) Develops clear recommendations for program growth and enhancement based on results, audience attendance, implementation challenges, and formal evaluations.

e) Provides innovative and creative leadership for development and expansion of educational/interpretive programs to keep pace with market trends and educational standards

f) Develops, maintains and oversees accomplishment of annual staff training program and continued staff enrichment

4) Community Engagement: a) Manages and supervises volunteer coordinator who oversees recruitment, training and utilization of volunteers, and coordinates with volunteer auxiliary organizations.

b) In conjunction with Park Site Director, establishes and maintains mutually beneficial relationships with local educators in positions of curriculum development and continuing professional development.

c) Engages with the community at public events and recruits members for the Association.

5) Communication: a) Collaborates with marketing department to ensure that educational and historical programs and services of the George Ranch Historical Park and Fort Bend History Association are successfully promoted on website, social media, brochures, Texian Gazette newsletter, etc.

b) Seeks to increase attendance and levels of usage of programs and services

c) Represents the George Ranch Historical Park and the Fort Bend History Association as needed with organizations and individuals requesting historical knowledge or expertise

6) Enterprise: a) Develops earned income opportunities through educational programs, special events and other sources

b) Supervises staff to implement such opportunities at the GRHP

8) Other: Other duties as assigned by the FBHA Executive Director


1. Manage expenditure of funds within the approved budget.

2. Achieve relevant objectives for Strategic Plan and Management Services Agreement, and other priorities as assigned by the Association’s Executive Director or Park Site Director.

3. Prepare monthly report on attendance, programs and strategic plan goal achievement by 5th day of the following month.

4. Create and communicate written objectives and priorities with subordinate staff at least quarterly, and conduct annual performance appraisals.


• Must have teaching experience in a formal environment or have comparable experience

• Must effectively promote/be a passionate advocate for the FBHA's mission and act in accordance with FBHA policies and procedures

• Must display emotional stability and mature judgment

• Must work effectively with diverse persons and groups

• Must be customer service oriented, be able to communicate effectively, and be organized

• Able to work both independently and as a contributing member of a peer management team

• Demonstrate superior written and verbal communication skills

• Must be able to analyze and problem solve in order to identify, research and solve a wide range of work related issues

• Able to routinely move furniture, program items and other heavy equipment weighing up to 50 pounds

Work conditions include moderate environmental hazards consisting of occasional activities during inclement weather, walking/hiking moderate distances, and exposure to wildlife and vegetation.

• Must be available to work a flexible schedule, nights and weekends as needed

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