Nonprofit Administrative Assistant II | College Station, TX

Classified Job Listing,

Position Title: Nonprofit Administrative Assistant II 

Salary: $16 - $ 20 an hour 

Duration: Split hourly schedule 

Hours/Week: 33-40 hours  

Week one: Wednesday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. 

Week two: Wednesday through Saturday, Sunday 9 am-5 pm  

Work Location Address: COLLEGE STATION, TX 77480 


The Museum of the American G.I. is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization established in 2001 with the mission of preserving the military history of the United States, honoring the service of American military personnel, and educating future generations about the sacrifices and contributions of those who have served. The museum achieves this through various exhibits, events, and educational programs highlighting the experiences and stories of the American G.I., primarily from WWI to the present.   


Job Objective: 

The museum is seeking a motivated individual to join our team.  The Nonprofit Administrative Assistant II is the primary point of contact for the director and professional employees, providing administrative support and managing day-to-day communications in the museum.  All museum staff are expected to work some weekends and holidays. During special events, periodic duties outside of/above the regular workweek schedule are expected. 


We understand that it's not always possible to meet every qualification for a role. If you feel you align with this job description, we strongly encourage you to apply. We value your unique experiences and skills, and we're open to considering alternative qualifications that could be a good fit for this role. 


Qualifications / Requirements 

  • High school graduate or knowledge gained through a formal, directly job-related 4-year degree from a college or university, or an equivalent in-depth specialized training program directly related to the work of an Administrative Assistant II. 

  • A friendly demeanor and the ability to work as part of a team. 

  • Requires a minimum of three (3) years’ experience. The museum is willing to substitute experience for education and vice versa. 

  • Experience in business-related social media 

  • Experience using Canva for visual design. 

  • Experience with Windows Office suite, Google Suite, and basic digital communication tools such as Google Meet, Zoom, and MS Teams. 

  • Experience with Excel 

  • Experience with QuickBooks Online 

  • Must have weekend availability (required to work alternating weekends) 



  • Bachelor’s degree in nonprofit business, museum studies, public history, or related field.  

  • Entering, currently, or have a master’s degree in Public history, Nonprofit management, museum studies, or a closely related field. 

  • 2+ years of experience working as an Administrative Assistant in a nonprofit setting. 

  • 3+ years of experience in Excel 

  • 3+ years of experience on QuickBooks  

  • Familiarity with multi-generational groups in a variety of settings. 

  • Experience using Canva for visual design. 

  • Experience in Event planning. 

  • Experience in Grant writing.  


Essential Duties: 

Administrative Support: 

  • Provide administrative support to the Director and museum staff. 

  • Oversee the scheduling of tours, events, and calendars. 

  • Oversees the daily work of work-study students. 

  • Oversees the gift shop inventory, stocking, and reports. 

  • Event Assistant to the Director on major events 


Grant work 

  • Assist in Grant writing. 

  • Assist with creating Grant reports. 


Record-Keeping and Documentation: 

  • Maintain and update filing systems, databases, and records. 

  • Organize and maintain documents, both physical and digital. 

  • Ensure accurate and timely data entry. 

  • Assist with record-keeping for grants, donations, and fundraising efforts. 


  • Answer phones, take messages, and handle correspondence. 

  • Respond to emails to inquiries from donors, clients, and the public. 

  • Writes and distributes newsletters and announcements to inform the community about events and activities at the museum. 

  • Manage email communication and calendars and maintain contact lists. 

  • Contacts local television stations, newspapers, and bloggers with information about the museum 

  • Works with designers to create posters, brochures, and advertisements.  

  • Oversees social media platforms, maintains social media calendars, and posts general information (e.g. “changes in hours,” “upcoming events,” “reminders,” “holiday posts,” and non-historical content/information) 

  • Collaborate and coordinate historical content social media posts created by museum staff. 

  • Monitor social media channels for comments, messages, and mentions and respond promptly and appropriately. 


Financial Support: 

  • QuickBooks 

  • Process invoices, reimbursements, and expenses. 

  • Track financial transactions and maintain financial records. 

  • Prepare financial reports. 


Assist with General Staff Museum Duties: 

  • Opening and Closing procedures 

  • Check-in and POS transactions for Admissions and Retail 

  • Monitor and maintain a safe and clean environment, including cleaning and sanitizing frequently touched surfaces and gallery spaces, props, and exhibits. 

  • Communicate and exchange accurate information with guests, staff, and community partners in various formats, including in-person, electronically, and over the phone. 

  • Identify and respond to safety hazards. 

  • Working in outdoor environments during events. 


Knowledge, skills, and Abilities: 

  • Knowledge of office software applications such as Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) and other relevant software tools. 

  • Demonstrated competency with QuickBooks online 

  • Knowledge of administrative procedures and best practices. 

  • Strong attention to detail and accuracy in work. 

  • Proficient in written and verbal communication. 

  • Skilled in record-keeping, data entry, and maintaining filing systems. 

  • Working knowledge of the various social media platforms 

  • Problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. 

  • Customer service orientation and interpersonal skills. 

  • Ability to prioritize tasks and manage multiple deadlines. 

  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision. 

  • Ability to adapt to changing priorities and work effectively in a fast-paced environment. 

  • Ability to maintain confidentiality and handle sensitive information appropriately. 

  • Ability to collaborate with team members and stakeholders across various departments. 

  • Ability to communicate effectively with individuals at all levels of the organization. 

  • Ability to work with diverse populations and demonstrate cultural competence. 

  • Ability to represent the organization professionally in interactions with external parties such as donors, vendors, and partners. 

  • Ability to handle stressful situations with professionalism and composure. 

  • Flexibility and willingness to take on new tasks and responsibilities as needed. 



Non-Essential Duties: 

  • Perform other duties as assigned. 


Environmental /Physical Conditions:  

The workplace setting is an office and outdoors. Staff can work irregular hours during events. The work involves walking, standing, pulling and pushing, kneeling, stooping, and bending, performing tasks requiring fine motor skills and coordination, and safely lifting and carrying items weighing up to 25 pounds. The employee must also be able to work extended periods at major outdoor events.