Graduate Research Fellow | Houston, TX

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Graduate Research Fellowship 


About The Printing Museum 

The art, science, and history of printing — from ancient civilizations through the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the colonial era in America, and well into the 20th century — come alive at The Printing Museum. Through a comprehensive permanent collection, contemporary exhibits, hands-on tours, creative workshops, and special events, this Houston museum engages adults and kids alike. Think print is dead? Visit The Printing Museum to see how vibrant it is today. 


About the Fellowship 

The Printing Museum is reimagining its permanent collection exhibition galleries, which unfold in a broad chronology and illustrate the enduring impact of printing by exploring the intersections of the history, art, and technology. Seminal moments from the past—from the invention of paper and moveable type to the struggle of free press in the early American Republic to important advances in printing technology and publishing in the twentieth-century—highlight how technological and artistic advances often fueled significant historical events throughout the centuries. Current interpretive narratives highlight the contributions of Johannes Gutenberg (German), Benjamin Franklin (British American), Samuel Bangs (American) and Ottmar Merganthaler (German American) to name a few. Informed by social justice advocacy that swept the nation last year, museum leaders see a need to be more inclusive of the diverse cultures and individuals that contributed to the development and spread of printing. 


The Printing Museum is pleased to offer a research fellowship for students enrolled in graduate programs in art history, communications, history,

journalism, library and information science, and gender, ethnic, or museum studies. The graduate research fellow will research the contributions of non-majority peoples and cultures that have contributed to the development of printing locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. The research fellow will be advised by four academic scholars from the University of Houston and Rice University.  


Duration: 6 months, starting June 15. 

Residency: in-person preferred, remote possible. 

Stipend: $4,500. 


Qualifications for Applications 

·         Currently enrolled in a graduate degree program.  

·         Strong research and writing skills. 

·         Able to multitask and collaborate with other team members. 

·         Fluency in a foreign language preferred; Spanish a plus. 


How to Apply 

Please email a cover letter, CV/resume, two references, and writing sample (no more than five pages) in one PDF file to: by May 15, 2021. 


The Printing Museum provides equal opportunity for all qualified candidates, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, gender identity, political preference, sexual orientation, marital status, citizenship, or other status protected by law or regulation. The Printing Museum prohibits discrimination in any aspect, including selection of independent contractors, termination, or contract rates.