Youth Education and Programming Coordinator | Lake Jackson, TX

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Lake Jackson Historical Association 


Job Title: Youth Education and Programming Coordinator 

Supervised By: Executive Director 

Status: Part-Time (30 hours/week) 

Schedule: Tuesday through Saturday 

Compensation: $18-$20/hr. paid bi-weekly  


Position Summary: 

The Youth Education and Programming Coordinator at the Lake Jackson Historical Association (LJHA) is responsible for overseeing and developing educational initiatives and programs targeted towards young visitors at LJHA’s three locations: the Lake Jackson Historical Museum, the Jackson Plantation Historic Site, and the Alden B. Dow Office Museum. This role involves designing and implementing engaging and interactive activities to enhance the learning experience and foster an appreciation for history among children and teenagers. 


Primary Responsibilities: 

  • Program Development: Creating age-appropriate educational programs and activities that align with the museum's mission and cater to the needs and interests of young audiences. This may involve researching historical topics, developing lesson plans, and incorporating hands-on and interactive elements. 

  • Outreach and Collaboration: Collaborating with schools, community organizations, and youth groups to promote museum programs and coordinate field trips and educational events. Building relationships with teachers, parents, and community stakeholders to encourage participation and engagement in educational initiatives. Leading efforts to effectively promote youth education programs through various channels, including social media, newsletters, and community outreach initiatives. 

  • Curriculum Design: Developing curriculum materials and resources for educators, including pre-visit materials, post-visit activities, and teacher workshops. Ensuring that curriculum content is accurate, engaging, and aligns with educational standards. 

  • Program Delivery: Facilitating educational programs and workshops both within the museum and off-site locations. This includes leading guided tours, conducting interactive sessions, and delivering engaging presentations to enhance visitors' understanding of historical topics. 

  • Volunteer Management: Recruiting, training, and supervising volunteers involved in youth education programs. Providing guidance and support to ensure smooth program delivery and a positive visitor experience. 

  • Evaluation and Assessment: Collecting feedback and evaluating the effectiveness of youth programs through surveys, observations, and other assessment methods. Using this data to make improvements and enhance future programming. 

  • Budgeting and Grant Assistance: Assisting the Executive Director in budget development and managing financial resources allocated for youth education programs. Assisting the Executive Director and grant committee with identifying and applying for grants and funding opportunities to support educational initiatives. 

The successful candidate: 

  • … is customer-service oriented, organized, and an effective communicator. 

  • … is excited about working with children from all backgrounds and will keep LJHA’s goal of promoting diversity, inclusion, equity, and accessibility in mind when putting together all educational opportunities and programming. 

  • … is able to work both independently and as a member of a group. (This position will work closely with the Adult Education and Programming Coordinator.) 

  • … is comfortable speaking to groups and leading tours. 

  • … has superior written and verbal communication skills. 

  • … is comfortable with general computer use and has experience with or is willing to learn Canva, Wix, Past Perfect, and Salesforce. 

  • … holds a Bachelor’s degree in history, education, museum studies, or a related field, or has at least two years of relevant experience working with children in education, living history, interpretation, or public programming. 

  • … has a positive attitude and is willing to grow with us! 

Even if you don’t have all of the experience listed above, we encourage you to apply! The Youth Education and Programming Coordinator plays a vital role in engaging young audiences with the association's historical content and fostering a love for learning. By designing and implementing innovative educational programs, this position contributes to creating a memorable and impactful experience for youth visitors at our locations. 

To apply, email resume to Lindsay Scovil at Cover letters, recommendations, and project examples are welcome but not necessary. 

The mission of the Lake Jackson Historical Association is to provide education relative to the history and culture of Lake Jackson, Texas. To learn more about LJHA, please visit,, and