Animal/Aquarium Manager | Lubbock, TX

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Job Status: Full Time, Salaried 

Position reports to: Administrative Manager 



The Life Science Manager - live animal and aquarium manager - oversees the department staff and participates in the daily husbandry of the live animal and fish collections of the Science Spectrum Museum.  The Life Science Manager suggests improvements to the operation and exhibitions of the department. This position reports to the Administrative Manager. 


Job Responsibilities: 

  • Establishes and maintains a welfare program for live animals and fish to include: 

the monitoring and maintenance of equipment associated with the live animal exhibits; 

the maintenance on aquatic exhibits – water quality systems (changes and chemicals), the clean appearance of the back of house area and exhibitions, the tank exhibit interior design, and the feeding and medication regimens. The equipment includes pumps, filters, lighting, and other equipment critical to animal and fish health.  

  • Trains department care staff. 
  • Purchases department supplies. 
  • Trains and works with Education Program Staff 
  • Provides live animal public programs. 
  • Participates in museum special events. 
  • Trains volunteers. 
  • Develops new and continues existing professional relationships with other museum partners, such as Texas Parks and Wildlife, Texas Tech Range and Wildlife Department, Tulsa Oklahoma Aquarium, Texas State Aquarium, Dallas World Aquarium. 


Applicant Background Desired: 


  1. Two years or more experience working with small live animals, preferably wildlife, and in an aquarium environment. 
  2. Excellent knowledge of fish species, aquatic systems, and care.
  3. Staff management experience.  
  4. Public speaking and program presentation skills

Salary with great experience is $45,000.  Apply to