Higginbotham and Distinguished Fine Art & Collectibles

TAM Blog,

Higginbotham and Distinguished Fine Art & Collectibles have partnered to deliver tailored insurance solutions to TAM members. As part of this collaboration, TAM members will receive an exclusive discount on their insurance premiums through Distinguished, further enhancing the value of their membership. 


Here are some coverage highlights available to TAM members: 

  • Exclusive discount for TAM members 

  • Museum insurance coverage for owned and loaned art 

  • Deductibles from $1,000, $0 deductible for incoming loans 

  • Worldwide coverage 

  • Flexible limits for exhibitions (shipping and warehousing included) 

  • Covers outdoor sculptures, installations, commissioned works 

  • U.S. Indemnity Deductible coverage up to $500,000 

  • Coverage for art reference libraries 

  • Artwork owners and lenders included as loss payees. 

  • We support your stewardship over a large and varied collection of objects 

  • $100 Million in capacity for individual policies 


Higginbotham also offers a full array of insurance products such as general liability and workers’ compensation to inland marine, cyber liability and other specialized coverages, Higginbotham is your single source for all your insurance needs.  


To learn more and take advantage of this exclusive offering, please reach out to:  


Joy S. Simpson, MFA, CIC, CRM 
Executive Vice President – Business Insurance  

c 817-881-4196  | ejsimpson@higginbotham.com