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The Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts (PFMFA; The Pearl) seeks an experienced, entrepreneurial, and passionate business-minded individual to lead the museum during its next growth stage. The Director will be responsible for furthering the goals and mission of the Pearl and directing development, fundraising, marketing, general management, financial management, and fostering member/volunteer/docent/board relations of the PFMFA. The Director will also maintain and promote the museum's image of exceptionalism. The Director must capitalize on the PFMFA's existing strengths and provide visionary leadership and sound management for the next chapter in the PFMFA's history. The Director is expected to actively participate in the community and fully engage in all areas of responsibility. The Museum Director is responsible to the Board of Directors and reports to the Chairman of the Board of Directors. 


About the Museum 

The Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts opened in March 2008. The museum is a non-collecting museum in Spring, Texas that serves the greater northwest Houston communities of over one million people. It is the only fine arts museum outside Houston's central museum district.  


Together with the Barbara Bush Branch Library, the Foundation for the Arts and Cultural Enrichment (FACE), and the Cypress Creek Christian Community Center, the PFMFA is part of the Cypress Creek Cultural District. The museum has become an important social, cultural, and educational center for the area.  


From its humble beginnings, the museum has progressed to being named the Houston Press's Best Small Museum in 2010 and again in 2015. The Houston Press stated, "The Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts has snagged a Best Small Museum nod before. It wins again this year for the very simple reason that it's doing excellent work. The brilliance in its programming is that it showcases works rarely seen publicly from small, private collections held locally." 


More than 285,000 visitors, including 85,000 school children, have visited the Pearl since its opening, experiencing world-class art. Exhibitions have ranged from exquisite European paintings, Texas paintings, Japanese objects, American paintings, contemporary pieces, African Gold, ceramics, pottery, glass, paper, metal, recycled objects into art, Hispanic art, French collections, and many more. 


With an annual operating budget of $800K, the PFMA has been in good financial standing, has no debt, and enjoys strong support from the community. In addition to forty-plus volunteers, the Museum employs three full-time, thirteen part-time staff and a variety of teaching artists. 



The Pearl Fincher Museum will be the cultural heart of our community by using the arts as a catalyst for change through partnership building and innovative programming. 



While upholding the highest ethical and professional museum standards, the Pearl's mission is: 


  1. Provide direct, first-hand access to original works of art and other culturally, historically, and aesthetically significant objects to a regional, national, and international audience. 

  1. Offer outstanding, comprehensive, and inclusive educational and public programming. 


The museum’s educational programs emphasize cross-disciplinary, inquiry-based learning for all ages. Education has been a critical element of our mission since the very beginning. Many visitors make their first visit to an art museum by coming to the Pearl Fincher. That vision for programming has expanded to include preschoolers, school children, university students, and senior adults. The Pearl's outstanding school program serves approximately 6,000 children yearly during their scheduled school field trips. The Pearl Fincher Museum School of Art provides classes in Fashion Design and Illustration, Character Design, Anime and Manga, Ceramics, Drawing, Mixed Media, and more. ArtStart is a program for children ages five and younger. Classes consist of story time and a related art activity. A Youth Art Council was started in 2022 to involve teens in program development at the museum. The most recent program at the Pearl is a partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association called Creating Together. 


The physical space of the museum encompasses about 11,000 square feet. The duration of each exhibition is approximately four months. A strong volunteer base by an active Guild, docents, and community service organizations provides needed assistance in operations.   


The Pearl is funded by donations from our dedicated donor base, grants from businesses and charitable foundations, donations from our dedicated donor base, and two-yearly special events. 


  1. Lead and manage the operational and administrative duties of the Pearl efficiently and effectively. 

  1. Oversee budget development and financial management; ensure the accuracy and integrity of complete financial and accounting records and reports. 

  1. Develop plans for exhibitions and programs, including related exhibition programs. 

  1. Direct personnel and human resources include interviewing, hiring, training, encouraging, coaching, disciplining employees, and inspiring volunteers. 

  1. Ensure the efficient operation and maintenance of the facility, including HVAC systems, technology systems, janitorial staff, and grounds maintenance. 

  1. Maintain and oversee the museum's safety and security, including reviewing and managing insurance and security contracts. 

  1. Enhance the PFMFA's marketing program to raise awareness and grow audiences. Facilitate the development of web-based marketing and a strong social media presence. 

  1. Collaborate and partner with community, corporate, and other organizations to enhance and promote the arts in the Northwest Houston area. 

  1. Work collaboratively with the Board on a shared vision. Participate in Board meetings as Director and administrator of the museum. 


Responsibilities continued 

  1. Engage vigorously and effectively in resource development and fundraising.  

  1. Consistent with the PFMFA's current and long-term needs, lead fundraising events, annual fundraising initiatives, specific grant proposals, capital campaigns, and membership campaigns.   

  1. Develop and monitor gift and endowment contributions for the Endowment Foundation. 

  1. Cultivate and strengthen relationships and communications with members, the Board of Directors, donors, volunteers, and supporters of the PFMFA. 

  1. Providing high visibility in the community, strengthening community relationships, and serving as the spokesperson for the PFMFA. 

  1. Increase foundation and corporate giving to reduce dependence on funds from events. 

  1. Provide visionary leadership in long-range planning and implementation. 

  1. Advance the current long-range strategic plan established by the Board of Directors. 

  1. Lead the Board of Directors in an annual strategic plan update. 


Candidate Profile 

  • Possession of a bachelor’s degree is required. An advanced degree in a related field is preferred. 

  • Relevant executive experience working with a board of directors and leading staff.  

  • Minimum of five years of successful and progressive responsibility, executive experience in a museum  

  • Exceptional skills in development, fundraising, marketing, and financial management. 

  • Experience in successful grant writing. 

  • Strong skills in written and verbal communication and organization. 

  • Possess an entrepreneurial spirit, including the capacity to develop innovative strategies for income generation, audience-building, and programming. 

  • Possess the capacity to develop and maintain positive relationships with members, donors, and community constituents. 

  • Possess a strong personal and professional work ethic and a high level of energy and enthusiasm. 


Salary Range: 

  • Competitive compensation in the range of $110,000 commensurate with qualifications and experience. 

  • Some benefits are provided. 


To Apply: 

Send resume or CV to by May 23, 2024.