Executive Director | Richmond, TX

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Fort Bend History Association 

Executive Director 

Job Description 


The Fort Bend History Association is an AAM-accredited organization dedicated to preserving,  educating, and inspiring residents and constituents as it relates to the rich and diverse history of  Fort Bend County. Formed in 1967, the FBHA delivers on this mission through its recently  renovated Fort Bend Museum in Richmond, TX and the adjoining 1883 Moore Home and 1855  Long-Smith Cottage. The organization also presents a rich, living history experience at the  George Ranch Historical Park, a 23,000-acre working ranch with historic homes, costumed  interpreters, livestock, and hands-on activities. The FBHA administrative office is an historic  property itself, the McFarlane House, also located in downtown Richmond. Other key aspects of  the FBHA mission include Decker Park, DeWalt Heritage Center, and the Fort Bend Archeological  Society. 

The FBHA is an equal opportunity employer. 

Role of the Executive Director 

Continue the mission of the FBHA, leading it into a new era of leadership, growth, and financial  stability—building on the foundation of a revitalized museum building, broadening the  organization’s scope of preservation and education, and becoming a unifying presence through  a celebrated heritage, compelling exhibits, and memorable events. 


Salary competitive and commensurate with experience; includes benefit package. EOE. 


Fort Bend History Association Board of Trustees 


Consistently and reliably fulfills these responsibilities: 

  • Effectively manage and inspire a staff, setting priorities and goals that ladder up to an  overall strategic plan, encouraging independence and personal growth while meeting  fiscal, visitor attendance, and engagement objectives. 
    •  Recruit, hire, supervise, and manage a staff of 25+ employees 
  • Serve as a visible and inspiring point person to the community, representing the FBHA  and its entities, while connecting to a wide array of constituents, leaders, and groups  throughout the county.
  • Set ambitious, yet attainable fundraising and development goals, working in tandem  with the FBHA’s development director to create a plan for achieving them with  measurable performance objectives and tracking to gauge progress. 
    • Supervise FBHA investments, income, expenditures, taxes, and other financial  matters, working with both FBHA staffers and FBHA board finance team 
  • Oversee the long-term direction, budgets, and policies of the FBHA, working in  conjunction with the Board of Trustees. 
  • Understand the uniqueness of Fort Bend County and how to connect its history to a  wide and growing range of residents, reflective of the “most diverse” label.  
  • Work with the FBHA’s marketing director to put in place a strategic marketing and  public relations initiative, delivering the brand’s value and opportunity to the FBHA  membership and external audiences. 
  • Provide oversight and management of all FBHA buildings and assets, real estate, and  historical collections, working with the FBHA board and full-time museum curator.


10+ years of managerial or organizational leadership desired. Museum experience a plus but not a requirement.
Salary $80K-$100K.

 Please send resumes to board@fbhistory.org