Finding Alternative Futures (FAF2) Course Development Fellows | Remote Position

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FAF2 Call for Fellows 

The Texas Association of Museums (TAM) is excited to announce an open call for applications for qualified contractors to create, develop, produce, and provide support for educational modules on essential digital competencies topics. These TAM FAF2 Fellows will develop short courses between September 2021 and January 2022. 

Deadline for application is July 30. Link to application form below.


TAM is currently engaged in a two-year professional development project called Finding Alternative Futures, Phase 2: Digital Fluency (FAF2).  As part of FAF2, ten museums in the greater Houston area will participate in online learning sessions followed by intensive individualized coaching. This program is designed to increase fluency in digital applications, requirements, and solutions. Part self-paced learning online, part one-on-one coaching, and part resource sharing and networking, this holistic program will cover the following essential competencies: 

  • July 2021 - Online Public Programming ***Position has been filled***
  • September 2021 - Operational Capacity and Continuity 
  • November 2021 - Community Engagement 
  • January 2022 - Digital-Savvy Leadership 


  • Research and outline a webinar-style learning session on the topic assigned. The content of the session will address the Essential Competencies and skills identified for each. (see detail) 
  • Record a webinar-style video learning session via zoom designed to become a permanent part of the FAF2 library. The length of the video will be a minimum of 45 minutes and maximum of 65 minutes. 
  • Deliver a list of related resources (links to articles, references, etc.) to accompany the video learning session. 
  • Meet with FAF2 Coaches, Project Director, and other appropriate TAM team members for an overview of the video learning session. This will take place after delivery of the recorded presentation but prior to the FAF2 participants’ introduction to the material. 
  • Provide no fewer than four (4) and no more than six (6) discussion questions for coaches to use in their work with the museum participants. 
  • Meet with participants via zoom for a question and answer session after viewing and coaching on the topic. This will take place approximately six (6) weeks after delivery of the video learning session. 
  • Write a brief summary, approximately 100 words, of her/his/their experience with FAF2 within 30 days of delivery of finished video presentation. 
  • Provide her/his/their own digital equipment necessary to record the presentation virtually from her/his/their own computer, including but not limited to internet connection, computer, webcam, speaker, and microphone.  
  •  Collaborate with TAM staff on the development of a detailed content plan and promotional description for the session, coordinate with TAM staff on logistics and technical needs, and provide supplementary resources for inclusion in digital toolkits.  
  • Share presentation materials no later than the first day of the month in which the video learning session will be implemented.  


TAM expects that each module will cover not only the essential competencies but also the three skills identified as integral to each. Deadlines to deliver finished modules are firm and non-negotiable.  

Online Public Programming  

Virtual visitors are here to stay. Designing desirable online experiences and supporting them effectively through digital means is now a core program need. 

  • Understanding the whys and hows of online content experiences 
  • Expanding reach beyond the museum’s website and social feeds 
  • Serving Education (K-18) content and communication needs 

Deadline to deliver finished module: July (ALREADY ASSIGNED)   

Operational Capacity and Continuity  

Transitioning towards increasing digitally-enabled operations requires establishing new priorities and policies for business continuity. 

  • Assembling cross-functional teams 
  • Establishing sustainable support for digital operations (e.g., hiring employees vs. outsourcing or crowd-sourcing)  
  • Building operational continuity through internal communication and knowledge management (e.g., documentation) systems 

Deadline to deliver finished module: September 1, 2021 

Community Engagement 

Museums must use digital platforms to connect with and grow stronger in their community engagement.  

  • Fostering new relationships through deep listening  
  • Aligning and communicating institutional values  
  • Creating and sustaining value propositions for partnerships 

Deadline to deliver finished module: November 1, 2021 

Digital-Savvy Leadership  

Managing today requires agile thinking, continuous and varied communication efforts, and other responsive actions.  

  • Identifying and supporting board members who advocate for digital practices 
  • Creating equitable and inclusive digital strategies 
  • Analyzing data to make informed decisions  

Deadline to deliver finished module: January 1, 2022 

TAM offers FAF2 Fellows a flat fee of $4,000 per module. Deadline for application is July 30.

FAF2 Fellows are independent contractor positions and the Texas Association of Museums will own the finished product (recordings and modules), but Fellows are welcome to include and/or link to them in their portfolios or websites. Fellows are also encouraged to share links to finished courses with their networks.