Internship | Jasper, TX

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Jasper County Historical Museum Internship

*This is an unpaid internship*

: Spring 2023

Address: 165 N. Main St. Jasper, Tx 75951

Type: In person. (It can be a hybrid internship, but the intern will need to be at the museum a few times.

Open to: Junior/Senior History undergraduates or Graduate Level History or Museum Studies students.


We are looking for an intern to research the history of the Timber Industry in Jasper County. Next, the intern will interpret their research and our artifacts and design a permanent Timber Exhibit with some temporary and interchangeable aspects. The intern will then write a proposal with the design, budget, and installation timeline. If time permits, the intern and the director will install the exhibit.

*The board must approve any proposal before implementation can happen. *

Anyone interested is welcome to contact the museum at