New Statewide Informal Digital Learning Network Initiative Announced

Posted By: Alex Freeman TAM Blog, Executive Leaders Digest ,

In 2022, the Texas Association of Museums (TAM) will leverage museum education assets created in a 2021 K-12 Virtual Program pilot through a collaboration with the Texas Historical Commission (THC) to improve digital literacy and access through a statewide informal digital learning network. This project will build/expand on the pilot initiated with the Mid-America Arts Alliance (M-AAA) and Texas Historical Commission (TCA). There are three primary components to the hybrid project:

1. Establish a statewide membership network connecting all 10 Texas Heritage Trails;

2. Present K-12 Virtual Program Workshop, online events, and in-person regional convenings with THC staff and representatives from each Texas Heritage Trail region; and

3. Create additional resources for more statewide self-directed learning.

Kicking off the project will be a three-week Virtual Workshop in May focusing on the following lesson plans:

Unit One: Planning for Virtual Experiences

  • Engaging K-12 students of all levels and abilities
  • Leveraging museum content for virtual experiences
  • Communicating digital engagement value (for fundraising, internal buy-in, identifying intended audiences and digital needs)

Unit Two: Getting into Digital Gear

  • Your Virtual Teaching Toolbox
  • Virtual Field Trip Program design
  • Employing a multidisciplinary approach to digital history content

Unit Three: Putting on the Show

  • Supporting K-12 curriculum, TEKs, and other needs
  • Virtual teaching techniques and troubleshooting
  • Learning from TAM’s previous media and excellence award winners

TAM will be seeking two museum educators located in each of the 10 Texas Heritage Trail Regions to participate in a three-week Virtual Workshop in May. Contact Alex at if you are interested in learning more. 

This project is a collaboration with the Texas Historical Commission and funded in part by the Summerlee Foundation with support from Higginbotham Insurance. 

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