TAM 2020: Attendee Reflection

Posted By: Emmy Laursen TAM Blog,

After attending the TAM 2020 Virtual Conference, the session that stuck out the most was the interview with keynote speaker, Randi Korn. I thought it was interesting to hear her discuss her philosophy on Intentional Practice, and how museums can realign their goals in a purposeful way. What I find compelling about her ideology is that she eschews the need for museums to focus on a bigger-is-better mentality. Instead, her recommendations for museums are based on setting realistic goals and focusing on quality over quantitative results. In order to help organizations develop an authentic visitor experiences, she also created the Cycle of Intentional Practices. Through this question-oriented process, museum staff can work collaboratively to plan and evaluate their institution’s impact on audiences. -Lindsay Barras, Education Coordinator, Elisabet Ney Museum