TAM Advocacy | February 2023

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TAM at the Capitol - February 8, 2023

TAM President Margaret Koch, Executive Director Brittany Petrilli, and hundreds of other advocates attending the Texans for the Arts Advocacy Summit stood together to encourage our public officials, community leaders, and neighbors throughout Texas to ensure that our cultural sector receives policy and funding support. 

Museums have an enormous impact on both state and local economies. Recent economic impact data indicates that the arts and culture sector contribute $49.8 Billion to the Texas gross domestic product (GDP) and employ more than 391,922 workers. More than this, museums have a strong social impact on their communities. 

TAM met with Senator Sarah Eckhardt and Representative James Talarico to discuss educational initiatives, the hotel occupancy tax, and the ways in which museums impact their social and economic communities. 

Recently, two bills have been introduced in the house that will positively affect historical entities if passed: HB 2184 and HB 2185

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