Thank you Giving Tuesday Donors!

Posted By: Alex Freeman TAM Blog,

Thank you, everyone -- Your Support Means everything! 

We want to thank ALL of our TAM members, friends, family, and supporters who took the time to donate to TAM on November 30.  Thanks for making our inaugural Giving Tuesday a success. 

Your generosity inspired others to give. 

Donations and Participation 

We met our goal of increasing participation and TAM received over $1000 in online donations that day!  We will tally up our yearly donations and thank our 2021 donors in January's Museline.  Thank you, thank you! 

Did You Miss Out? 

The support of our membership is vital.  If you missed out on Giving Tuesday but would like to support TAM’s annual giving campaign, please use the link to our website below or mail a check to the TAM office by September 30. 

A donation to the Operating Fund supports ongoing TAM activities such as: 

  • Workshops 
  • Communications and Website 
  • New Program Development 
  • Scholarships to TAM Annual Meeting 
  • Office Administration 

Our level of programming depends on your loyalty and support. 

 Support TAM 

Thank you!

Desmond Bertrand-Pitts

Rebecca Bridges 

Daniel Carey-Whalen 

Chris & Amanda Dyer 

Michelle Everidge 

Ann Fortescue

Carl Hamm

Margaret Koch 

Karen Morton

Alysha Richardson 

Tracee Robertson 

Kathy Shannon

Michael C. Sproat