Museum Director | Rockwall, TX

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Museum Director - Rockwall County Historical Foundation

Rockwall County Historical Foundation

901 E. Washington - Rockwall, TX.


The Museum Director is responsible for the overall direction and supervision of museum operations, staff, collections, events, exhibits, programs and services provided on a day‐to‐day basis. The Museum Director is responsible for providing leadership and organizational vision for the continued growth and development of the Museum, its collections, and its personnel. The Museum Director should serve as an advocate and spokesperson to effectively represent the Museum and its possibilities to individuals as well as both public and private entities to generate enthusiasm and attract wide interest and support. The Museum Director works closely with the Board of Directors and has broad decision making authority in the area of the Museum’s plans and programs. The Museum Director should seek out new initiatives and programs to move the Museum forward and keep the Board informed on such initiatives.


● Provide a forward‐thinking culture for the museum through effective leadership.
● Supervise and manage staff and delegate appropriate authority and responsibilities while
maintaining a high level of morale and providing direction and resources as necessary.
● Maintain museum files in an organized manner; this includes but is not limited to:
membership lists/information, donor lists/information, mailing lists, Board meeting
documents such as minutes and treasurer’s reports, and financial documents.
● Oversee operating budget and identify cost-saving and growth opportunities.
● Prepare financial and administrative reports.
● Handle earned income from on‐site gift shop, site rentals, on-site donations, and
membership dues; Explore potential future earned income opportunities.
● Work closely with the Board and staff to:
       ○ Develop and implement strategic and financial goals and priorities.
       ○ Budget preparation, fundraising, and grant writing efforts.
● Implement organization’s strategic plan and establish benchmarks to track
progress in accordance with key goals.

● Provide stewardship of the physical site, ensuring that the facilities, grounds and collections
of the Museum are well maintained and safe through use of comprehensive planning.
● Identify priority of work needed to properly maintain the grounds and collections and submit
a list of projects to the Board annually.
● Ensure proper planning documents are in place such as disaster plans, maintenance plans,
interpretive plans, long and short range plans, and other similar documentations.
● Supervise collections and programs management to ensure that the programs,
exhibits, and interpretive materials are integrated and consistent with the Museum’s
mission and goals.
● Notify the Board of any emergency repairs or work that is needed.
Community Engagement:
● Create and implement community engagement programs designed to create a clear,
consistent identity for the museum that will generate enthusiasm and increase audiences
for its programs.
● Provide information to the public and special interest groups through presentations and
participation in/on a variety of meetings, events, and committees within the community.
● Maintain the foundation website so that it maintains a clean and modern appearance.
● Oversee all email and social media platforms for the foundation and coordinate interesting
and engaging content on a regular basis.
● Cultivate an environment that encourages the visiting public to re‐visit.
In performance of these responsibilities, the Museum Director shall:
● Maintain and encourage open communication with staff, Board, volunteers and others.
       ○ Regularly attend all Board meetings and serve as an advisor to the Board, to ensure
          its effectiveness in its policy-making and funding roles;
       ○ keep the Board fully informed about the Museum’s progress;
       ○ serve as liaison between the Board and staff.
● Cultivate productive partnerships with other cultural institutions, agencies and organizations
in the region by attending networking and community events.
● Stay current in the museum and preservation field through continuing education.
● Maintain a high level of energy and professionalism in terms of ethics, content of work and
presentation of ideas.

● Previous experience in museums or preservation work and thorough understanding of
museum best practices and industry standards.
● Any combination of education, training, or experience which provides:
       ○ Understanding of museum, collections, and program management requirements.
       ○ Knowledge and experience in personnel management.
       ○ Experience with budget oversight and grant writing.
       ○ Ability to deal effectively with the public and volunteers.
       ○ Understanding of social media platforms and website management.
       ○ Knowledge of museum database software such as Past Perfect.
● A passion for local history and love of small museums. Previous experience or a degree in
museum or preservation work is a plus but not required.
● Ability to pass a background check is required.

Pay rate is $24 per hour. Pay is based on approximately 20 hours/week. Schedule includes some
weekend hours and occasional evening hours.



Applicants should send their resumes to for consideration.