Museum Exhibit Audiovisual Support Services Contractor | College Station, TX

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George and Barbara Bush Foundation

Museum Exhibit Audiovisual Support Services Contractor

At the

The George H.W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum

1000 George Bush Drive West

College Station, TX 77845


The George and Barbara Bush Foundation in College Station, Texas, seeks an experienced Audiovisual Specialist to support electronic, computer, audiovisual, aspects of exhibits and public programs. The contractor will have an important role alongside the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum’s exhibits team to produce and maintain high-quality exhibitions, specifically digital interactives, video projects, and other public programs. The contract will extend one year, with an option to renew up to five years.

The Museum Exhibit Computer Support services are critical to the Library for purposes of ensuring security of the computer network which operates more than fifty (50) personal computers that deliver content to museum guests via touch screens, monitors, and/or speakers. The Contractor will maintain audio-visual and computer equipment of the museum, including digital interactives using the program Intuiface, looping video players, and other technology.

The majority of the more than fifty (50) personal computers supporting the pubic facing side of the museum are managed by a software program called Aquarius which serves as the “brain” for the museum network. There are also stand-alone computers in this group of 50 plus that must be maintained daily during museum hours.

Exhibits may require daily attention to ensure proper delivery of content. The contractor will also be required to provide IT support to public programs such as the installation of sound systems and the proper projection of web content.

Museum hours of operation. The Museum is open seven (7) days per week (including federal holidays), from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., except for New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Key Responsibilities

The purpose of the work is to maintain the computer and audiovisual equipment of the Museum. Key to the position is the ability to:

(a) Troubleshoot issues with existing computer/AV equipment in the museum;

(b) Maintain and/or upgrade computer and AV content and design utilizing existing museum programing (Intuiface) and graphic design software (Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop);

(c) Maintain the proper functioning of the theater projector and its computer operated components;

(d) Maintain the proper functioning of the classroom projector, AV hardware/software and other related computer operated components;

(e) Setup and maintain sound system and related AV hardware/software and other related computer component for public programs;

(f) Surplus old, broken AV hardware;

(g) Liaise with admissions clerks to resolve daily troubleshooting issues in the museum.

The Contractor must operate and maintain all equipment in support of museum exhibits and internal events. In addition, the Contractor must provide support services for museum exhibits. The number and type of equipment changes as equipment is replaced, upgraded and added. Temporary exhibits change annually, therefore, the technology and type of equipment and software will change periodically. The Contractor will be responsible for any existing equipment, as well as any equipment added to the Library’s inventory after the date of hire.

The work is vital to the success of the Library’s exhibition programs. There will be daily contact with the Library/Museum staff members, National Archives officials, contractors, and members of professional societies and organizations.

The Contractor shall work with the Supervisory Museum Curator at the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum. The Contractor, in consultation with the Curator, Exhibit Specialist, and the IT Specialist, plans and carries out visual arts and projects and resolves technical problems.

The Library is financially responsible for software and hardware upgrades, and licensing fees associated with the museum exhibits. Library staff are responsible for the overall operation and maintenance of the Museum Exhibits audio visual and multimedia equipment.

Quality Control

· The Contractor shall develop and maintain quality control programs to ensure services are performed in accordance with commonly accepted commercial practices.

· The Contractor shall develop and implement procedures to identify and prevent the occurrence of defective services.

· The Contractor shall develop quality control procedures to remediate any processes where acceptable quality levels are not met.

· The Library reserves the right to inspect the services operations at any time to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of this contract.

· The Contractor shall provide the Library a copy of the quality control plan that it intends to implement during quotation submission.

Personnel Coverage

The Contractor will not work more than 40 hours per week. Schedule may change from week-to-week. In addition to regular work schedule the contractor will be required to provide on-call service during weekends and federal holidays. Service will include troubleshooting and/or reporting to the museum. The Contractor shall respond within two (2) hours of being contacted.

General Requirements for Personnel

Contractor personnel shall present a neat and clean appearance. Contractor personnel shall be fully capable of performing the type of work for which they are employed. Personnel shall be physically able to do their assigned work.


Payment will be made to the contractor in the amount of $23.00 per hour. The Contractor shall submit bi-monthly invoices detailing hours worked and describing the nature of the work. Microsoft excel, adobe acrobat portable document format (PDF) and Microsoft word are acceptable formats for invoicing. The invoice must include the period of performance, invoice number, hours worked, contract number, and an itemization services performed.

The Contractor is required to furnish the Library with monthly reports regarding work accomplished, museum equipment updates and status.

Application Process

Applicants should send a resume and cover letter outline their interest in the role to Please reference the job announcement in your subject line.