New Texas science standards emphasize out-of-the-classroom learning

Posted By: Kathy Shannon TAM Blog, Executive Leaders Digest ,

Attention Texas Museum Directors:

You can play a vital role in helping students investigate and learn more about energy-related STEM careers. The new Texas science TEKS standards emphasize out-of-the-classroom learning, through museums, libraries, professional organizations, private companies, online platforms, and mentors employed in a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) field to investigate STEM careers.

You are in the education field by virtue of your institutions, and should be a “go-to” resource for teachers. Unfortunately, less than half of our Texas students are ever exposed to the invaluable information, hands-on learning experiences and mentorship opportunities that are provided by institutions such as yours. This lack of exposure has severely stunted our students’ knowledge and appreciation of the critical role of science and energy to modern life.

The new K-12 science TEKS standards seek to correct this omission. Museums can offer so much to our students. With the new standards, school districts will be encouraged to include field trips, outreach programs and speakers when teaching STEM topics. You can view the new TEKS standards on the Texas Education Agency website.

The Texas Energy Council is assembling a list of resources for teachers, including a list of science museums willing to offer virtual or in-person classroom talks and/or become mentors to STEM students. Please help by providing information about your institution’s resources. Return this downloadable form to Kathy Shannon at

If you have any questions, please let me know. We are all in this together!! To fully appreciate and understand all of the energy sources in Texas, our children need to know how energy impacts their lives. They should learn how to be proud of their state for making the world a better place.