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Wednesday, 3/23/2022

Digital Transformation: Thriving After Crisis

Pathways: Administration & External Relations

This presentation continues the 2020 TAM keynote address, “Where Do We Go From Here, From Crisis to Transformation.” In the past two years, COVID-19 forced the museum sector through dramatic changes,
including rapidly accelerating technology adoption and digital strategies. In this presentation, we will explore Digital Transformation, what we’ve learned in the last two years and how to thrive in the years ahead of us.
We’ll talk through shifting our mind-set from crisis management to transformational thinking, emphasizing how change management looks beyond the crisis stage. We’ll focus on sustainable solutions for digital strategy, revenue models and how organizations can invest in innovation and how to mitigate (and embrace!) risk of the unknown. We’ll draw from client experiences as well as models across industries - the private sector, entrepreneurship,
technology and nonprofit - to provide a framework for moving forward.

Presenting Chair: 

Samantha Diamond, Vice President of Digital Engagement, CultureConnect, Axiell Group, New York, NY

Virtual Keynote Address: “Inclusive Museum Leadership”

In 2021, the American Alliance of Museums published The Inclusive Museum Leader, co-edited and co-written by Cinnamon Catlin-Legutko and Chris Taylor. Social justice as the role of museums has often been championed by front line staff and staff from younger generations. This book serves as a call to action for leaders to shift exclusive systems and practices at their museums, while modeling inclusive leadership to peers across the field. Cinnamon and Chris will offer practical insights about inclusive leadership and practical actions leaders can take immediately to shift their thinking and start moving their museums toward an inclusive future.

Virtual Keynote Speakers:

Cinnamon Catlin-Legutko, Museum Director, Illinois State Museum 

Chris Taylor, Chief Inclusion Officer, Minnesota Historical Society

Leading for Success and Happiness

Pathways: Leadership & External Relations

Leaders have been under inordinate amounts of stress in recent years. The stress of keeping our institutions
alive and vital – along with the stress of life since 2020 - impacts our ability to lead. This session explores how
you can lead a happier, more productive and more successful life. Learn how perspective can change your abilities, and how to shift it quickly. Hear key questions to ask for the best results and how curiosity helps us reach our
full potential.

Presenting Chair:

Charlie Walter, Director, Mayborn Museum Complex, Baylor University, Waco


Barbara Leggett, Founder, The Happiness Center of WNY, East Aurora, NY

Making Your Museum Energy Efficient Step-by-Step

Pathways: Administration, Collections, Exhibitions, & Leadership

This session will give attendees a better understanding of preferred museum buildings’ operating systems as a first step to both develop a responsible plan for energy use and conservation and help collections care practices move closer to accreditation standards. Attendees will be able to follow the steps through a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) process, with a qualified building engineering firm to do a thorough examination of the museum’s building and systems. This process then provides the information needed to develop a prioritized action plan for planned maintenance and scheduled equipment replacement. Attendees will also be able to plan for the short- and long-term activities necessary to reduce energy usage, improve the efficiency of HVAC systems and document

the work completed to demonstrate progress and identify critical needs.

Presenting Chair:

Ann Fortescue, President & Executive Director, International Museum of Art & Science, McAllen


Amelia Whitehead Rose, Director of Collections and Exhibitions, International Museum of Art & Science, McAllen

Sarah Sutton, CEO, Environment & Culture Partners, (formerly known as Sustainable Museums), Tacoma, WA

Museum Work: Developing New Earned Income Strategies

Pathways: Administration & Leadership

The COVID-19 pandemic has required many businesses, including museums and nonprofits, to change their business strategies in the wake of forced closures, reduced funding and limits on gathering spaces. This program will share some of the innovative ways Texas museums have shifted their business models as a result of the pandemic and, in so doing, strengthened their community-based missions and visions.

Presenting Chair:

Michelle Everidge, Chief of Strategic Initiatives, Witte Museum, San Antonio


Chris Dyer, President & CEO, Dr Pepper Museum, Waco

Transition to Leadership: An Introduction to Leadership for New or Emerging Museum Leaders

Pathways: Leadership & Administration

Transitioning into a leadership role can be challenging. Museum professionals who thrived in previous roles
may find a new management position different from what they expected. New managers must shift their mindset from that of an individual contributor to that of a leader. This session is a survey of leadership principles and practical leadership skills for new managers. Specifically, participants will learn the difference between management and leadership, how to motivate others, how to delegate effectively and how to approach conflict.

Presenting Chair:

Rachel Woods, President & CEO, Leadership Trek Corp. (LTrek), McGregor

Waco Mammoth National Monument: Can a NEW Model of Park Management Become the NORM? Assessing Sustainability of Partnerships

Pathways: Administration, External Relations, & Exhibitions

The culmination of over 30 years of community effort and investment led to the 2015 designation of the Waco Mammoth dig site as a National Monument. The site continues to be collaboratively operated by the City
of Waco, Baylor University, the Waco Mammoth Foundation, and the National Park Service in what the
U.S. Department of the Interior has dubbed “a new model of park management.” Can this model survive changing leadership with its operational ideals intact? And, more importantly, can this model help you?

Presenting Chair:

Trey Crumpton, Exhibits Development Manager, Mayborn Museum Complex, Baylor University, Waco


Raegan King, Site Manager, Waco Mammoth National Monument

Keynote Address: “The Value of Museums: Enhancing Societal Well-Being”

The talk will focus on how museum professionals can better understand and explain the benefits of museum experiences. Knowingly or not, the business of museums has always been to support and enhance the public’s personal, intellectual, social and physical well-being. Over the years, museums have excelled at this task, as evidenced by the almost indelible memories engendered by museum experiences. People report that museum experiences make them feel better about themselves, more informed, happier, healthier and more enriched - all outcomes directly related to enhanced well-being. Historically, benefits such as this were seen as vague and intangible, but Falk will describe how enhanced well-being, when properly conceptualized, can be defined and measured. The talk will conclude with suggestions for how these insights about well-being might be used as a strategy for helping museums better adapt to the rapidly changing and challenging times ahead.

Keynote Speaker:

John Falk, Executive Director, Institute for Learning Innovations

Thusday, 3/24/22

 Keynote Address: “Calling all Guardians of Culture! You Have Superpowers – and the Universe Needs You”

Civilization is a mess, divided, confused and needing help. If only there were some superheroes around who could help us learn from the past, evaluate evidence, bring people together and inspire us to unite around shared principles, ancient knowledge, curiosity, beauty and hope. Could the cultural sector offer a positive path through messy and uncertain times? If so, what are the obstacles and opportunities, and how should we combine forces?

Keynote Speaker:

Fiona Bond, Executive Director, Creative Waco and President of Texans for the Arts

New TEKS? Now What? Learning How to Utilize and Implement the New Museum Education TEKS

Pathways: Education & External Relations

Learn how you can play a vital role in helping students investigate and learn more about energy-related STEM careers. The new Texas science TEKS standards emphasize out-of-the-classroom learning through museums, libraries, professional organizations, private companies, online platforms and mentors employed in a science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) field to investigate STEM careers. You are in the education field by virtue of your institutions; your museum and the new K-12 science TEKS standards can offer so much to our Texas students.

Presenting Chair:

Kathy Shannon, Executive Director, Permian Basin Petroleum Museum, Midland Presenter:

Heather Stover, Don Harrington Discovery Center & Connect2Texas, Amarillo

Friday, 3/25/22

Challenges and Solutions from Academic Institutions

Pathways: Leadership & Education/Outreach

Museums affiliated with academic institutions play a unique role in both cultural resources and academia. Connected to research and resources, university museums can be a catalyst for change in society, lead meaningful discussions about the past, present and future of their communities and preserve and make accessible the objects and
artifacts of our cultures. Yet, are they that different from any other museum in your community? This panel presentation highlights some of the issues academic museums deal with and provides a window into the unique
perspectives of these institutions, while highlighting the ways these museums tackle common issues facing the field. Attendees will have the opportunity to discuss ideas for the future and learn from the past experiences of their fellow museum educators.

Presenting Chair:

Daniel Carey-Whalen, Director, Centennial Museum and Chihuahuan Desert Gardens, El Paso


Emily Wilkinson, Director for Public Art, Texas Tech University System, Lubbock

Jake Mangum, Project Development Librarian, University of North Texas Libraries, Denton

Tracee Robertson, Director, Wichita Falls Museum of Art at Midwestern State University, Wichita Falls

Early Childhood Engagement in the Museum

Pathway: Education & Exhibitions

From exhibit spaces for ages 5 and under to programs geared for early childhood development, catering to a younger audience comes with its own set of challenges! Representatives from the Mayborn Museum, the
Perot Museum of Nature and Science and the Bell County Museum will compare successful programs and exhibits for these audiences and discuss what works, what doesn’t and how things have changed in the last year.

Presenting Chair:

Emily MacDonald, Museum Engagement Coordinator, Mayborn Museum, Baylor University, Waco


Emily Clark, Museum Engagement Manager, Mayborn Museum, Baylor University, Waco

Katie Gagne, Manager of Child and Family Learning, Perot Museum of Nature and Science, Dallas

Kayte Ricketts, Education Coordinator, Bell County Museum, Belton

Keynote Address: “The Research Is In! Members Support Your Mission – And Why That’s Especially Important”

The pandemic has majorly impacted membership engagement and renewals. But don’t despair! Research reveals exciting trends for the future of museum membership programs – and they revolve around the organization’s mission. Armed with data from what is believed to be the largest ongoing survey of potential museum visitors in the United States, Colleen will share research on the shifting perceptions and motivations of museum members in the United States, and specifically in the state of Texas, in light of
the pandemic. How has the pandemic impacted public perceptions of trust in museums and what does this mean for membership programs? How are museum members in Texas thinking and behaving differently than general admission visitors? What does this mean for strengthening this community? Most excitingly, how are motivations for becoming a member changing in light of all this, well, change? While members were a critical audience prior to the pandemic, they are poised to play an increasingly important role in recovery and the successful financial futures of museums. The new key to cultivating and leveraging this audience? Your mission. Colleen will show you the math.

Virtual Keynote Speaker:

Colleen Dilenschneider, Chief Market Engagement Officer, IMPACTS Experience