TAM FAF Post 10: Resetting the Audience Relationship White Paper

Posted By: Ed Rodley Executive Leaders Digest , TAM LABS,

Hey TAMers,

Today we announce TAM's third white paper on the Finding Alternative Futures 2 (FAF 2) project that recently wrapped up in the Houston area - Resetting the Audience Relationship: Online Programming & Community Engagement.

The Texas Association of MuseumsThe Experience Alchemists, and ExposeYourMuseum present this white paper as part of the Finding Alternative Futures, Phase 2 (FAF 2) project. This report looks at how museums engage with their communities, rethink who those communities comprise, and highlights online efforts from FAF2 and beyond that have been successful in capturing local audiences and building community as we emerge from the COVID shutdowns into whatever the next era is becoming.

The White Paper is available HERE as a complimentary download for TAM members.

Topics covered: 

  • The State of Cultural Audiences in 2022 
  • Equity, Engagement, and Museums
  • How Digital Offerings Can Help
  • Online Programming
  • Platform Expansion is Here to Stay
  • Web 2.0’s “Walled Gardens” Present Persistent Challenges
  • Talking to Audiences is Vital 10 Community Engagement
  • Audience Development vs Community Engagement
  • Community Engagement Helps Foster Stronger Communities 

That’s all for now. See you next month for our concluding white paper.